samedi 10 novembre 2018

3. Les Années 30

Duke Ellington et son orchestre. 

Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra: 
Smoke Rings (ASV Living Era, 1930-1943). 

Cab Calloway & his Orchestra: This is Hep (Proper, 1930-1949). 

The Mills Blue Rhythm Band: Harlem Heat (ASV Living Era, 1931-1936). 

The Spirits of Rhythm: 
1932-1941 (Retrieval, 1932-1941). 

Various (Garland Wilson, Herman Chittison, Charlie Lewis): 
Harlem Piano in Montmartre (Gitanes Jazz Productions, 1932-1941). 

Chick Webb and his Orchestra: Stomping at the Savoy (Proper, 1931-1939). 

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra:
 The Essential BG (Proper, 1935-1949). 

Dicky Wells & Bill Coleman: 
In Paris (Affinity, 1936-1938). 

Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra: 
Contrasts (Decca Jazz/GRP, 1936-1943). 

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