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The Chrono(lo)gical Bobby Hackett and his Orchestra 1938-1940 (Classics).

Classics 890 (1996). 

Bobby Hackett and his Orchestra

Bobby Hackett (cornet), George Brunies (trombone), Pee Wee Russell (clarinette, saxophone ténor), Bernie Billings (saxophone ténor), Dave Bowman (piano), Eddie Condon (guitare), Clyde Newcombe (contrebasse), Johnny Blowers (batterie), Lola Bard (vocal sur 1-2). New York, 16 février 1938. 

1. You, You and Especially You (Block, Feildman, Martin, Ahlberg) 2:57, Vocalion 4142. 
2. If Dreams Come True (Sampson, Goodman, Mills) 2:52, Vocalion 4047. 
3. At the Jazz Band Ball (La Rocca, Shields) 2:34, Vocalion 4047. 
4. That Da-Da Strain (Medina, Dowell) 2:44, Vocalion 4142. 

Bobby Hackett (cornet), Brad Gowans (trombone à pistons, saxohone alto), Pee Wee Russell (clarinette), Ernie Caceres (saxophone baryton), Dave Bowman (piano), Eddie Condon (guitare), Clyde Newcombe (contrebasse), Andy Picard (batterie), Linda Keene (vocal sur 5). New York, 4 novembre 1938. 

5. Blue and Disillusioned (Davis, Coots) 2:25, Vocalion 4499. 
6. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance (Crosby, Washington, Young) 2:55, Vocalion 4565. 
7. Poor Butterfly (Golden, Hubbell) 2:22, Vocalion 4499. 
8. Doin' the New Low-Down (Fields, McHugh) 2:29, Vocalion 4565. 

Bobby Hackett (cornet), Sterling Bose, Jack Thompson (trompette), Brad Gowans (trombone à pistons), George Troup (trombone), Pee Wee Russell (clarinette), Louis Colombo (saxophone alto), Bernie Billings (saxophone ténor), Ernie Caceres (saxophone baryton), Dave Bowman (piano), Eddie Condon (guitare), Sid Jacobs (contrebasse), Don Carter (batterie). New York, 13 avril 1939. 

9. That's How Dreams Should End (Orlob) 2:38, Vocalion 4806. 
10. Ain't Misbehavin' (Razaf, Waller, Brooks, arrangé par Brad Gowans) 3:10, Vocalion 4877. 
11. Sunrise Serenade (Lawrence, Carle) 2:52, Vocalion 4806. 
12. Embraceable You (Gershwin, Gershwin) 2:55, Vocalion 4877. 

Bobby Hackett (cornet), Stan Wilson, Joe Lucas, Harry Genders (trompette), Cappy Crouse, John Grassi (trombone), Louis Colombo, Jerry Caplan (saxophone alto), Hammond Russen, Hank Kusen (saxophone ténor), Dave Bowman (piano), Bob Julian (guitare), Sid Jacobs (contrebasse), Don Carter (batterie), Claire Martin (vocal sur 16). New York, 17 juillet 1939. 

13. Bugle Call Rag (Pettis, Meyers, Schoebel) 2:38, Vocalion 5375. 
14. Ja-Da (Carleton) 3:30, Vocalion 5198. 
15. Dardanella (Fisher, Bernard, Black) 2:24, Vocalion 5375. 
16. I Surrender, Dear (Clifford, Barris) 3:11, Vocalion 5198. 

Bobby Hackett (cornet), Bernie Mattison (trompette), Jerry Borshard (trombone), Bob Riedel (clarinette), George Dessinger (saxophone ténor), Jim Beitus (saxophone baryton), Frankie Carle (piano), Bob Knight (guitare), Eddie McKinney (contrebasse), Don Carter (batterie), The Tempo Twisters (vocal sur 18-19). Los Angeles, 25 janvier 1940. 

17. Clarinet Marmalade (Shields, Ragas) 2:39, Vocalion 5493. 

Les mêmes. Los Angeles, 31 janvier 1940. 

18. That Old Gang of Mine (Rose, Dixon, Bibo) 2:20, Vocalion 5620. 
19. After I Say I'm Sorry (Donaldson, Lyman) 2:30, Vocalion 5620. 

Les mêmes. Los Angeles, 1er février 1940. 

20. Singin' the Blues (Conrad, Robinson) 3:05, Vocalion 5493. 

Notes de pochette: Anatol Schenker. 


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