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The Chrono(lo)gical Frankie Newton 1937-1939 (Classics).

Classics 643 (1992). 

Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders

Frank Newton (trompette, arrangeur), Edmond Hall (clarinette, saxophone baryton), Pete Brown (saxophone alto), Cecil Scott (clarinette, saxophone ténor), Don Frye (piano), John Smith (guitare), Richard Fullbright (contrebasse), Cozy Cole (batterie), Clarence Palmer (vocal sur 1). New York, 5 mars 1937. 

1. You Showed Me the Way (Green, McCrae) 2:44, Variety 518. 
2. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Stept, Clare) 2:34, Variety 518. 
3. Who's Sorry Now? (Ruby, Snyder, Kalmer) 2:44, Variety 647. 

Les mêmes, ajouter Russell Procope (saxophone alto). Slim Gaillard (vocal sur 6-7). New York, 15 avril 1937. 

4. I Found a New Baby (Williams, Palmer) 2:37, Variety 571. 
5. The Brittwood Stomp (I'm a Ding Dong Daddy) (Newton) 2:42, Variety 571. 
6. There's No Two Ways About It (Adamson, McHugh) 2:53, Variety 550. 
7. 'cause My Baby Says It's So (Warren, Dubin) 2:40, Variety 550. 

Frank Newton (trompette, vocal sur 9), Edmond Hall (clarinette), Pete Brown (saxophone alto, vocal sur 9), Gene Johnson (saxophone alto), Cecil Scott (saxophone ténor), Don Frye (piano), John Kirby (contrebasse), O'Neil Spencer (batterie), Leon LaFell (vocal sur 8, 10). New York, 13 juillet 1937. 

8. Easy Living (Robin, Rainger) 2:47, Variety 616. 
9. The Onyx Hop (Newton) 2:44, Variety 647. 
10. Where or When (Rodgers, Hart) 2:32, Variety 616. 

Frankie Newton and Orchestra

Frank Newton (trompette), Mezz Mezzrow (clarinette), Pete Brown (saxophone alto), James P. Johnson (piano), Albert Casey (guitare), John Kirby (contrebasse), Cozy Cole (batterie). New York, 13 janvier 1939. 

11. Rosetta (Hines) 3:01, Bluebird B-10176. 
12. Minor Jive (Mezzrow) 3:05, Bluebird B-10186. 
13. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Lockhart, Seitz) 3:11, Bluebird B-10176. 
14. Who? (Harbach, Hammerstein, Kern) 3:09, Bluebird B-10216. 
15. The Blues My Baby Gave to Me (Mezzrow) 3:12, Bluebird B-10216. 
16. Rompin' (Mezzrow) 2:33, Bluebird B-10186. 

Frank Newton Quintet

Frank Newton (trompette), Albert Ammons (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Johnny Williams (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 7 avril 1939. 

17. Daybreak Blues (improvisation) 2:38, Blue Note 501. 

Frank Newton and his Café Society Orchestra

Frank Newton (trompette), Tab Smith (saxophones soprano et alto), Stanley Payne (saxophone alto), Kenneth Hollon (saxophone ténor), Kenny Kersey (piano), Ulysses Livingston (guitare), Johnny Williams (contrebasse), Eddie Dougherty (batterie). New York, 12 avril 1939. 

18. Tab's Blues (Smith) 2:54, Vocalion 4821. 
19. Jitters (Smith) 3:00, Vocalion 4851. 
20. Frankie's Jump (Newton) 2:46, Vocalion 4821. 
21. Jam Fever (Smith) 3:06, Vocalion 4851. 

Frank Newton Quintet

Frank Newton (trompette), Meade Lux Lewis (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Johnny Williams (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 8 juin 1939. 

22. After Hour Blues (inprovisation) 4:07, Blue Note 14. 

Frank Newton and his Café Society Orchestra

Probablement les mêmes que sur 18-21, ajouter Dicky Wells (trombone). New York, 15 août 1939. 

23. Vamp (Smith) 2:51, Vocalion 5410, 
24. Parallel Fifths (Newton) 3:15, Vocalion 5410. 

Notes de pochette: Anatol Schenker. 

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