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Sidney Bechet: Pre-War Classic Sides (JSP, 1931-1940).

JSP JSP933 (2007). 

CD A: Classic Sides 1931-1937: 

Noble Sissle & his Orchestra

Noble Sissle (vocal, direction), Demas Dean, Tommy Ladnier (trompette), Billy Burns (trombone), Sidney Bechet, Rudy Jackson, Ralph Duquesne (clarinette, saxophones soprano et alto), Ramon Usera (clarinette, saxophone ténor), Lloyd Pinckney (piano), Frank Ethridge (banjo), Edward Coles (tuba), Jack Carter (batterie). New York, 24 février (1-3) et 21 avril (4-6) 1931. 

1. Got the Bench, Got the Park
2. In a Café on the Road to Calais
3. Loveless Love
4. Basement Blues
5. Wha'd Ya Do to Me?
6. Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On

New Orleans Feetwarmers

Tommy Ladnier (trompette), Teddy Nixon (trombone), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Henry Duncan (piano), Wilson Myers (contrebasse, vocal sur 8, 12), Morris Morland (batterie), Billy Maxey (vocal sur 10). New York, 15 septembre 1932. 

7. Sweetie Dear
8. I Want You Tonight
9. I've Found a New Baby
10. Lay Your Racket
11. Maple Leaf Rag
12. Shag

Noble Sissle & his International Orchestra

Noble Sissle (direction, vocal sur 13), Wendell Culley, Demas Dean, Clarence Brereton (trompette), Chester Burrill (trombone), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Harvey Boone (clarinette, saxophone alto), Ramon Usera (saxophone alto, violon), James Tolliver (saxophone ténor), Oscar Madera (violon), Harry Brooks (piano), Howard Hill (guitare), Edward Coles (contrebasse), Jack Carter (batterie), Billy Banks (vocal sur 14), Lavaida Carter (vocal sur 15). Chicago, 15 août 1934. 

13. Under the Creole Moon
14. The Old Ark is Moverin'
15. Loveless Love
16. Polka Dot Rag

Noble Sissle & Orchestra

Noble Sissle (direction, vocal sur 22), Wendell Culley, Demas Dean, Clarence Brereton (trompette), Chester Burrill (trombone), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Chauncey Haughton (clarinette, saxophone alto), Gil White, Jerome Pasquall (saxophone ténor), Oscar Madera (violon), Harry Brooks (piano sur 17-22), Erskine Butterfield (piano sur 23-25), Jimmy Miller (guitare), Jimmy Jones (contrebasse), Wilbert Kirk (batterie), Lena Horne (vocal sur 17), Billy Banks (vocal sur 18, 19, 25). New York, 11 mars 1936 (17-22) et 14 avril 1937 (23-25). 

17. That's What Love Did to Me
18. You Can't Live in Harlem
19. I Wonder Who Made Rhythm
20. 'tain't a Fit Night Out for Man or Beast
21. I Take to You
22. Rhythm of the Broadway Moon
23. Bandanna Days
24. I'm Just Wild About Harry
25. Dear Old Southland

Noble Sissle's Swingsters

Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Jimmy Miller (guitare), Jimmy Jones (contrebasse), Wilbert Kirk (batterie). New York, 16 avril 1937. 

26. Okey-Doke

CD B: Classic Sides 1937-1939: 

(suite de la session)

1. Characteristic Blues

Clarence Brereton (trompette), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Gil White (saxophone ténor), Harry Brooks (piano, arrangeur), Jimmy Miller (guitare), Jimmy Jones (contrebasse), O'Neil Spencer (batterie, vocal). New York, 10 février 1938. 

2. Viper Mad
3. Blackstick
4. When the Sun Sets Down South
5. Sweet Patootie

Trixie Smith (vocal), acc. par Charlie Shavers (trompette), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Sam Price (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Richard Fullbright (contrebasse), O'Neil Spencer (batterie). New York, 26 mai 1938. 

6. Freight Train Blues
7. Trixie Blues
8. My Daddy Rocks Me - Part 1
9. My Daddy Rocks Me - Part 2
10. He May Be Your Man But He Comes to Me Sometimes
11. Jack, I'm Mellow

Coot Grant & Kid 'Sox' Wilson (vocal sur 12, 13, 15), Trixie Smith (vocal sur 16), acc. par les mêmes, Wellman Braud (contrebasse) remplace Fullbright. New York, 26 mai 1938. 

12. Uncle Joe
13. I Am a Woman
14. Toot It, Brother Armstrong
15. Blue Monday on Sugar Hill
16. My Unusual Man

Sidney Bechet & his Orchestra

Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Ernie Caceres (saxophone baryton), Dave Bowman (piano), Leonard Ware (guitare électrique), Henry Turner (contrebasse), Zutty Singleton (batterie), The Two Fishmongers (duo vocal). New York, 16 novembre 1938. 

17. What a Dream
18. Hold Tight
19. Jungle Drums
20. Chant in the Night

Tommy Ladnier & his Orchestra

Tommy Ladnier (trompette), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophones soprano et alto), Mezz Mezzrow (clarinette, saxophone ténor), Cliff Jackson (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Elmer James (contrebasse), Manzie Johnson (batterie). New York, 28 novembre 1938. 

21. Ja Da
22. Really the Blues
23. When You and I Were Young, Maggie
24. Weary Blues

Sidney Bechet Quintet

Sidney Bechet (saxophone soprano), Meade Lux Lewis (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), John Williams (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 8 juin 1939. 

25. Summertime

CD C: Classic Sides 1939-1940: 

Port of Harlem Seven

Frank Newton (trompette), J.C. Higginbotham (trombone), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Meade Lux Lewis (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Johnny Williams (contrebasse), Sid Catlett (batterie). New York, 8 juin 1939. 

1. Blues for Tommy
2. Pounding Heart Blues

Haitian Orchestra

Kenneth Roane (trompette), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Willie 'The Lion' Smith (piano), Olin Aderhold (contrebasse), Leo Warney (batterie). New York, 22 novembre 1939. 

3. Magic Islands
4. Mayotte
5. Rosa Rhumba
6. Sous les Palmiers
7. Colonel Bogey
8. Diane
9. Nana
10. De Nous Meme
11. Titte Chatte
12. La Belle Germaine
13. Ti Ralph
14. Meringue d'Amour
15. Danses de Chez Nous

Jelly Roll Morton & his New Orleans Jazzmen

Sidney de Paris (trompette), Claude Jones (trombone, voix), Albert Nicholas (clarinette), Sidney Bechet (saxophone soprano), Happy Cauldwell (saxophone ténor), Jelly Roll Morton (piano, vocal, arrangeur), Lawrence Lucie (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), Zutty Singleton (batterie), preaching sur 16 par Jones ou Singleton. New York, 14 septembre 1939. 

16. Oh, Didn't He Ramble?
17. High Society
18. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
19. Winin' Boy Blues

Sidney Bechet & his New Orleans Feetwarmers

Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano, vocal sur 23), Sonny White (piano), Charlie Howard (guitare électrique), Wilson Myers (contrebasse, vocal sur 22), Kenny Clarke (batterie). New York, 5 février 1940. 

20. Indian Summer
21. One O'Clock Jump
22. Preachin' Blues
23. Sidney's Blues

Josh White Trio

Josh White (guitare, vocal), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Wilson Myers (contrebasse). New York, 7 mars 1940. 

24. Careless Love
25. Milk Cow Blues

CD D: Classic Sides 1940: 

Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Quartet

Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Pops Foster (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 20 mars 1940. 

1. Lonesome Blues
2. Dear Old Southland
3. Bechet's Steady Rider
4. Saturday Night Blues

Bechet-Spanier Big Four

Muggsy Spanier (cornet), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Carmen Mastren (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse). New York, 28 mars (5-8) et 6 avril (9-12) 1940. 

5. Four or Five Times
6. Sweet Lorraine
7. Lazy River
8. China Boy
9. If I Could Be with You One Hour Tonight
10. That's a Plenty
11. Squeeze Me
12. Sweet Sue

Louis Armstrong & his Orchestra

Louis Armstrong (trompette, vocal), Claude Jones (trombone sur 13-15), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Luis Russell (piano sur 13-15), Bernard Addison (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), Zutty Singleton (batterie sur 13-15). New York, 27 mai 1940. 

13. Perdido Street Blues
14. 2.19 Blues
15. Down in Honky Tonk Town
16. Coal Cart Blues

Sidney Bechet & his New Orleans Feetwarmers

Sidney de Paris (trompette), Sandy Williams (trombone), Sidney Bechet (clarinette, saxophone soprano), Cliff Jackson (piano), Bernard Addison (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 4 juin 1940. 

17. Shake It and Break It
18. Old Man Blues
19. Wild Man Blues
20. Nobody Knows the Way I Feel 'dis Mornin'

Sidney Bechet (saxophone soprano, vocal), Cliff Jackson (piano), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), Sidney Catlett (batterie). New York, 4 juin 1940. 

21. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor

Remasterisé par Ted Kendall. 
Notes de pochette: Drew Kent. 


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