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Kid Howard 1937 (Punch Miller 1941): Prelude to the Revival Vol. I (American Music, 1937-1941).

American Music AMCD-40 (1992). 

Kid Howard's Band

Kid Howard (trompette), Sammy Hopkins (piano, vocal), Frank Murray (guitar), Chester Zardis (contrebasse). 1937. 

1. Sweet Georgia Brown
2. Song of the Wanderer

Kid Howard (trompette, vocal), Frank Murray (guitar). 1938. 

3. Get on the Right Side
4. St. Louis Blues

Andy Anderson's Pelican State Jazz Band

Andrew Anderson (trompette, vocal sur 5), Martin Cole (saxophone ténor), Joe Robertson (piano), Leonard Mitchell (guitar, banjo, vocal sur 6), Charles Sylvester (batterie). 1939. 

5. Chant of the Tuxedoes
6. Basin Street Blues

Duke Derbigny's Orchestra

Charles "Duke" Derbigny (trompette), Joe "Cornbread" Thomas (clarinette), Frank Murray (guitare), Matie Murray (vocal). 2 février 1940. 

7. I Can Do Most Anything For You
8. Sweet Georgia Brown

Andrew Anderson (trompette, vocal), Frank Murray (guitare). 1940. 

9. Careless Love
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. Blues in G

Joe Thomas' Dixieland Band

Joe "Cornbread" Thomas (clarinette, vocal), Charles "Duke" Derbigny (trompette), Frank Murray (guitare), Junious Wilson (batterie). 1941. 

12. Eh Là Bas #1
13. Eh Là Bas #2

Punch Miller's Band

Ernest "Punch" Miller (trompette, vocal), ? Harris (piano, vocal sur 15), Clifford "Snag" Jones (batterie). H&T Tavern, Chicago, 28 janvier 1941. 

14. Shine
15. Harris Blues
16. Chinatown
17. High Society
18. Bugle Call Rag

Transferts analogiques des acétates: John R.T. Davies. 
Transferts digitaux: Doug Pomeroy. 
Correction du pitch: Doug Pomeroy. 
Design de la pochette: Nowicki, N.O. 
Production: Barry Martyn. 


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