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The Chrono(lo)gical Hot Lips Page and his Band 1938-1940 (Classics).

Classics 561 (1991). 

Hot Lips Page (trompette, vocal), Ben Smith (clarinette, saxophone alto), Sam Simmons (saxophone ténor), Jimmy Reynolds (piano), Connie Wainwright (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), Alfred Taylor (batterie). New York, 10 mars 1938. 

1. Good Old Bosom Bread (Finney) 2:46, Decca 7451. 
2. He's Pulling His Whiskers (Page) 2:46, Decca 7451. 
3. Down on the Levee (Levee Lullaby) (Page) 2:50, Decca 7433. 
4. Old Man Ben (Page) 2:59, Decca 7433. 

Hot Lips Page (trompette, vocal, direction), Eddie Mullins, Bobby Moore (trompette), George Stevenson, Harry White (trombone), Ulysses Scott (saxophone alto), Ben Smith (clarinette, saxophone alto), Benny Waters, Ernie Powell (saxophone ténor), Jimmy Reynolds (piano), Connie Wainwright (guitare), Abe Bolar (contrebasse), Alfred Taylor (batterie). New York, 27 avril 1938. 

5. Jumpin' (Waters, Page) 2:45, Bluebird B-7583. 
6. Feelin' High and Happy (Koehler, Bloom) 2:13, Bluebird B-7569. 
7. At Your Beck and Call (Ram, DeLange) 2:38, Bluebird B-7569. 
8. Rock It for Me (Werner, Werner) 2:51, Bluebird B-7567. 
9. Skull Duggery (White, Page, arrangé par Harry White) 2:23, Bluebird B-7583. 
10. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (Nemo, Mills, Ellington) 2:23, Bluebird B-7567. 

Les mêmes, Dave Page (trompette) remplace Mullins, Ben Williams (saxophones alto et ténor) remplace Scott. Delores Payne (vocal sur 11-12), Ben Bowers (vocal sur 16). New York, 24 juin 1938. 

11. If I Were You (Bernier, Emmerich) 2:28, Bluebird B-7684. 
12. (A Sky of Blue, with You) And So Forth (Johnson, Davis) 2:29, Bluebird B-7680. 
13. The Pied Piper (Arnold, Gould) 2:27, Bluebird B-7682. 
14. Small Fry (Loesser, Carmichael) 2:30, Bluebird B-7684. 
15. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key (Eaton, Shand) 2:05, Bluebird B-7682. 
16. Will You Remember Tonight Tomorrow? (Franklin, Friend) 2:32, Bluebird B-7680. 

Hot Lips Page (trompette, vocal), Buster Smith (clarinette, saxophone alto), Jimmy Powell (saxophone alto), Sam Davis (saxophone ténor), Abe Bolar (contrebasse), Ed McConney (batterie), Romayne Jackson (vocal sur 19), The Harlem Highlanders (vocal sur 18). New York, 23 janvier 1940. 

17. I Would Do Anything for You (Hill, Williams, Hopkins) 2:47, Decca 7699. 
18. I Ain't Got Nobody (Williams, Graham) 3:12, Decca 7714. 
19. A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid (Johnson, Razaf) 2:44, Decca 7757. 
20. Gone with the Gin (Page) 3:16, Decca 7714. 
21. Walk It to Me (Page) 3:16, Decca 7757. 
22. Won't Be Here Long (Page, Smith) 2:45, Decca 7699. 

Hot Lips Page (trompette), Eddie Barefield (clarinette, saxophone alto), Don Stovall (saxophone alto), Don Byas (saxophone ténor), Pete Johnson (piano), John Collins (guitare), Abe Bolar (contrebasse), A.G. Godley (batterie). New York, 11 novembre 1940. 

23. Lafayette (Basie, Durham) 2:48, Decca 18124. 
24. South (Moten, Hayes) 2:53, Decca 18124. 

Les mêmes. Bea Morton (vocal sur 26). New York, 3 décembre 1940. 

25. Harlem Rhumbain' the Blues (inconnu) 2:53, Decca 8531. 
26. No Matter Where You Are (When Evening Draws Her Curtain) (Morton) 3:20, Decca 8531. 

Notes de pochette: Anatol Schenker. 


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