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Stan Hasselgard: California Sessions (Dragon, 1947-1948).

Dragon DRCD 409 (2010). 

Johnny White Quartet

Stan Hasselgard (clarinette, vocal sur 1), Johnny White (vibraphone sur 1, piano sur 2, vocal), Guy Scalise (guitare électrique, vocal), Rollo Garberg (contrebasse, vocal). Los Angeles, probablement 21 novembre 1947. 

1. I Gotta Have More Money (White, Nolan) 2:55, Constellation 501. 
2. Hortense (White, Secon) 3:16, Constellation 501. 

Åke "Stan" Hasselgård with Johnny White Quintet

Stan Hasselgard (clarinette), Johnny White (vibraphone), Guy Scalise (guitare électrique), Rollo Garberg (contrebasse), Frank Bode (Uffe Baadh) (batterie). Los Angeles, décembre 1947. 

3. Flying Foam (Johnny White) 2:37, Gazell C 102. 
4. Gone After You (Johnny White) 2:38, Gazell C 102. 

Stan Hasselgard and his Smörgasbirds/All Star Six

Stan Hasselgard (clarinette), Red Norvo (vibraphone), Arnold Ross (piano), Barney Kessel (guitare électrique), Rollo Garberg (contrebasse), Frank Bode (Uffe Baadh) (batterie). Los Angeles, 18-19 décembre 1947. 

5. Swedish Pastry (Barney Kessel) 3:06, Capitol 15062. 
6. Sweet and Hot Mop (Johnny White) 2:50, Capitol C15302. 
7. Who Sleeps (Red Norvo) 2:54, Capitol 15062. 
8. I'll Never Be the Same (Malneck, Kahn, Signorelli) 3:04, Capitol C15302. 

Jackie Mills and his Quintet

Stan Hasselgard (clarinette), Jimmy Rowles (piano), Barney Kessel (guitare électrique), Harry Babasin (contrebasse), Jackie Mills (batterie), Gene Norman (mc). McCormack General Hospital, Pasadena, 5 janvier 1948. 

9. Indiana (J.F. Hanley) 4:27, AFRS Jubilee No. 272. 
10. Swedish Pastry (Barney Kessel) 2:43, AFRS Jubilee No. 272. 
11. Greetings to Sweden (Stan Hasselgard parle) 1:07, AFRS Jubilee No. 272. 

The International All Stars

Stan Hasselgard (clarinette), Wardell Gray (saxophone ténor), Dodo Marmarosa (piano), Al Hendrickson (guitare), probablement Harry Babasin (contrebasse), Frank Bode (Uffe Baadh) (batterie), Frances Wayne (vocal sur 14, 17), Gene Norman (mc). McCormack General Hospital, Pasadena, 9 février 1948. 

12. One O'Clock Jump - Theme (Count Basie) 0:55, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 
13. "C" Jam Blues (Ellington, Bigard) 4:14, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 
14. I Never Loved Anyone (George Ronald Brown) 2:33, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 
15. What is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) 3:38, Dragon DRLP 29. 
16. Jam Session at Jubilee (How High the Moon) (Lewis, Hamilton) 6:17, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 
17. Who's Sorry Now (Snyder, Kalmar, Ruby) 1:36, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 
18. One O'Clock Jump - Theme (Count Basie) 1:30, AFRS Jubilee No. 278. 

Arnold Ross Quartet & Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstine (trombone à pistons sur 21-22, vocal sur 20), Stan Hasselgard (clarinette), Arnold Ross (piano), Barney Kessel (guitare), Billy Hadnott (contrebasse), Don Lamond (batterie), Bud Widom (mc). McCormack General Hospital, Pasadena, 23 février 1948. 

19. Please, Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Stept, Clare) 5:11, AFRS Jubilee No. 282. 
20. Jelly Jelly (Hines, Eckstine) 3:08, AFRS Jubilee No. 280. 
21. Blues for Billy (Arnold Ross) 5:42, AFRS Jubilee No. 280. 
22. Just You, Just Me (Greer, Klages) 4:54, AFRS Jubilee No. 282. 

Stan Hasselgard and his All Star Six

Même session que pour 5-8. 

23. Sweet and Hot Mop (Johnny White) 2:43, Capitol TOCJ-5628. 
24. I'll Never Be the Same (Malneck, Kahn, Signorelli) 3:17, Capitol TOCJ-5628. 

Masterisation pour le CD: Tomas Ferngren. 
Direction artistique: Sofia Berry, Berry Produktion. 
Consultant en linguistique: Dave Castle. 
Production, notes: Lars Westin. 


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