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Chicago Rhythm - Apex Blues: The Recordings of Jimmie Noone 1923-1943 (JSP).

JSP JSP926 (2006). 

CD A: 1923-1929: 

Ollie Powers' Harmony Syncopators

Ollie Powers (batterie, direction), Alex Calamese, Tommy Ladnier (cornet), Eddie Vincent (trombone), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Horace Diemer (saxophone alto), Glover Compton (piano), John Basley (banjo), Willian 'Bass' Moore (tuba). Chicago, septembre 1923. 

1. Play That Thing

Cook's Dreamland Orchestra

Doc Cook (direction), Freddie Keppard, Edwood Graham (cornet), Fred Garland (trombone), Jimmie Noone, Clifford King (clarinette, saxophone alto), Joe Poston (saxophone alto), Jerome Pasquall (saxophone ténor), Jimmy Bell (violon), Tony Spaulding (piano), Stan Wilson (banjo), Bill Newton (tuba), Bert Greene (batterie). Richmond, In., 21 janvier 1924. 

2. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else

Lillie Delk Christian (vocal), acc. par Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Johnny St. Cyr (guitare). Chicago, 15 juin 1926. 

3. Lonesome and Sorry

Cookie's Gingersnaps

Freddy Keppard (cornet), Fred Garland (trombone), Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal), Joe Poston (saxophones alto et ténor, vocal), Kenneth Anderson (piano), Johnny St. Cyr (banjo). Chicago, 22 juin 1926. 

4. Messin' Around

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra

Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal, direction), Joe Poston (clarinette, saxophone alto, vocal), Earl Hines (piano), Bud Scott (banjo, guitare), Johnny Wells (batterie). Chicago, 16 mai (5-8), 14 juin (9-10), 23 juillet (12), 23 (13-15) et 25 (16-18) août 1928. 

5. I Know That You Know
6. Sweet Sue
7. Four or Five Times
8. Every Evening
9. Ready for the River
10. Forevermore
11. Too Busy
12. Oh, Sister! Ain't That Hot? (version 1)
13. Apex Blues
14. A Monday Date
15. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
16. Oh, Sister! Ain't That Hot? (version 2)
17. King Joe
18. Sweet Lorraine

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra

Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal, direction), Joe Poston (clarinette, saxophone alto, vocal), Alex Hill (piano), Junie Cobb (banjo, guitare, vocal), Bill Newton (tuba), Johnny Wells (batterie). Chicago, 6 décembre 1928. 

19. Some Rainy Day

Lillie Delk Christian (vocal), acc. par Louis Armstrong & his Hot Four: Louis Armstrong (cornet, vocal), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Earl Hines (piano), Mancy Cara (guitare). Chicago, 11 décembre 1928. 

20. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
21. Baby

Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra

George Mitchell (cornet sur 22-24), Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal, direction), ?Fayette Williams (trombone sur 22-24), Joe Poston (clarinette, saxophone alto, vocal), Alex Hill (piano), Junie Cobb (banjo, guitare, vocal), Bill Newton (tuba sur 25), Johnny Wells (batterie). Chicago, 27 décembre 1928 (22-24), 26 février 1929 (25). 

22. It's Tight Like That
23. Let's Sow a Wild Oat
24. She's Funny That Way
25. St. Louis Blues

CD B: 1929-1930: 

Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal, direction), Joe Poston (clarinette, saxophone alto, vocal), Alex Hill (piano sur 1-4), Zinky Cohn (piano sur 5), Junie Cobb (banjo, guitare), Bill Newton (tuba sur 1-4), Johnny Wells (batterie). Chicago, 26 février (1), 2 mars (2), 27 avril (3-4) et 21 juin (5) 1929. 

1. Chicago Rhythm
2. I Got a Misery
3. Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up
4. Love Me or Leave Me
5. Anything You Want

Jimmie Noone (clarinette, vocal, direction), George Mitchell (cornet sur 6-12), ?Fayette Williams (trombone sur 8), Joe Poston (clarinette, saxophone alto, vocal), Zinky Cohn (piano), Junie Cobb (banjo, guitare), Bill Newton (tuba), Johnny Wells (batterie), May Alix (vocal sur 6, 7, 10, 11), Helen Savage (vocal sur 17, 19). Chicago, 11 (6-8) et 18 (9-11) juillet, 24 (12-13) et 26 (14-15) septembre, 15 (16-17) et 21 (18-19) octobre 1929. 

6. Am I Blue?
7. My Daddy Rocks Me with One Steady Roll
8. Apex Blues
9. Ain't Misbehavin'
10. That Rhythm Man
11. Off Time
12. S'posin'
13. True Blue Lou
14. Through (How Can You Say We're Through?)
15. Satisfied
16. I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' for Love
17. He's a Good Man to Have Around
18. My Melancholy Baby
19. After You've Gone

Les mêmes, Wilbur Gorham (banjo, guitare) remplace Cobb sur 21-25, Elmo Tanner (vocal sur 20, 23, 24). Chicago, 19 novembre 1929 (20), 3 (21-22), 6 (23-24) et 18 (25, 1) février 1930. 

20. Love
21. El Rado Scuffle
22. Deep Trouble
23. Cryin' for the Carolines
24. Have a Little Faith in Me
25. Should I?

CD C: 1930-1934: 

(suite de la session précédente)

1. I'm Following You

Les mêmes, Eddie Pollack (saxophones alto et baryton, vocal sur 9-10) remplace Poston, Georgia White (vocal sur 2), Elmo Tanner (vocal sur 4), May Alix (vocal sur 12), Mildred Bailey (vocal sur 13-14). Chicago, 16 (2-3) et 28 (4-5) mai, 1er (6-8) et 29 (9-10) juillet, 23 août (11), 30 octobre (12) 1930 et 12 janvier (13-14) 1931. 

2. When You're Smiling
3. I Lost My Gal From Memphis
4. On Revival Day
5. I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland
6. Virginia Lee
7. So Sweet
8. San
9. You Rascal You
10. Bring It On Home to Grandma
11. Little White Lies
12. Something to Remember You By
13. He's Not Worth Your Tears
14. Trav'lin' All Alone

Jimmie Noone & his Orchestra

Jimmie Noone (clarinette, direction), Jimmy Cobb (trompette sur 23-25), Eddie Pollack (saxophones alto et baryton, vocal sur 19-21), Earl Hines (piano sur 15-18), Zinky Cohn (piano sur 19-25), John Henley (guitare), Quinn Wilson (contrebasse sur 15-22), John Lindsay (contrebasse sur 23-25), Benny Washington (batterie), Art Jarrett (vocal sur 15-18). Chicago, 27 juillet 1931 (15-18), 15 décembre 1933 (19-22) et 23 novembre 1934 (23-25). 

15. I Need Lovin'
16. It's You
17. River Stay 'way from My Door
18. When It's Sleepy Time Down South
19. Dixie Lee
20. Inka Dinka Doo
21. Delta Bound
22. Like Me a Little Bit Less
23. A Porter's Love Song
24. I'd Do Anything for You
25. Shine

CD D: 1934-1943: 

Suite de la session précédente (1) et 21 février 1935 (2-5). 

1. Liza
2. Soon (There'll Be Just the Two of Us)
3. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie
4. Lullaby of Broadway
5. It's Easy to Remember

Jimmy Noone & his New Orleans Band

Guy Kelly (trompette, vocal), Preston Jackson (trombone), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Frances Whitby (saxophone ténor), Gideon Honore (piano), Israel Crosby (contrebasse), Tubby Hall (batterie). Chicago, 15 janvier 1936. 

6. He's a Different Kind of Guy
7. 'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
8. The Blues Jumped a Rabbit
9. Sweet Georgia Brown

Jimmy Noone & his Orchestra

Charlie Shavers (trompette), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Pete Brown (saxophone alto), Frank Smith (piano), Teddy Bunn (guitare), Wellman Braud (contrebasse), O'Neil Spencer (batterie, vocal). New York, 1er décembre 1937. 

10. Sweet Lorraine
11. I Know That You Know
12. Bump It (The Bumps / Apex Blues)
13. Four or Five Times
14. Japansy

Natty Dominique (trompette), Preston Jackson (trombone), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Richard M. Jones (piano), Lonnie Johnson (guitare), John Lindsay (contrebasse), Tubby Hall (batterie). Chicago, 5 juin 1940. 

15. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
16. Keystone Blues

Jimmy Noone Trio

Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Gideon Honore (piano), Henry Fort (contrebasse), Ed Thompson (vocal). Chicago, 11 décembre 1940. 

17. They Got My Number Now

Jimmie Noone Quartet

Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Frank Smith (piano), John Frazier (contrebasse), Wallace Bishop (batterie). Yes, Yes Club, Chicago, 17 juillet 1941. 

18. Intro into... 
19. A Porter's Love Song
20. Goodbye, Don't Cry Blues
21. Body and Soul
22. Lady Be Good
23. Memories of You
24. Honeysuckle Rose

Capitol Jazzmen

Billy May (trompette), Jack Teagarden (trombone, vocal), Jimmie Noone (clarinette), Dave Matthews (saxophone ténor), Dave Barbour (guitare), Art Shapiro (contrebasse), Zutty Singleton (batterie). 1943. 

Compilé par, notes de pochette: Sally-Ann Worsfold. 

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