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Bunk Johnson in San Francisco (American Music, 1943-1944).

American Music AMCD-16 (1991). 

Bunk Johnson (trompette), Mutt Carey (trompette), Wade Whaley (clarinette), Edward "Kid" Ory (trombone), Buster Wilson (piano), Frank Pasley (guitare), Ed Garland (contrebasse), Everett Walsh (batterie), Bertha Gonsoulin (solos de piano sur 5-6). 9 mai 1943. 

1. Way Down Yonder in N.O. 
2. Basin Street Blues
3. Muskrat Ramble
4. High Society
5. The Wolverines (pno. solo)
6. The Pearls (pno. solo)
7. Dippermouth Blues

Bunk Johnson (trompette), Bertha Gonsoulin (piano). 7 (8-11) et 10 mai (12, 13) 1943. 

8. Sister Kate 3:51
9. Franklin Street Blues 5:01
10. Bolden Medley 4:24
11. Temptation Rag 2:15
12. Sweet Georgia Brown 3:46
13. Darktown Strutters' Ball 4:02

Bunk Johnson (trompette), George Lewis (clarinette), Jim Robinson (trombone), Sidney Brown (tuba), Lawrence Marrero (banjo), Edgar Moseley (batterie). Vers novembre 1943. 

14. Pacific Street Blues 4:29

Bunk Johnson (trompette), Ellis Horne (clarinette), Turk Murphy (trombone), Burt Bales (piano), Pat Patton (banjo), Squire Girsback (contrebasse), Clancy Hayes (batterie). Janvier 1944. 

15. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll #1 0:49
16. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll #2 0:50

Transferts analogiques des acétates: Jack Towers. 
Design de la pochette: Nowicki, New Orleans. 
Production: Barry Martyn. 


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