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Bob Wilber and The Bechet Legacy: Ode to Bechet (Jazzology, enr. 1982; publ. 1986).

Jazzology J-142 (1986)

Bob Wilber (saxophone soprano), Glenn Zottola (trompette), Mike Peters (guitare, banjo), Mark Shane (piano), Reggie Johnson (contrebasse), Butch Miles (batterie), Joanne ("Pug") Horton (voix). Invité spécial: Vic Dickenson (trombone, voix). Vanguard Studios, New York, 5 et 6 août 1982. 

Face A: 

1. Margie (Conrad-Robinson-Davis) 2:58
2. Blues in the Air (Bechet) 3:07
3. I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me (McHugh-Gaskill) 2:43
4. I Get the Blues When it Rains (Klauber-Stoddard) 3:17
5. The Mooche (Ellington-Mills) 4:48
6. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly-Roll (C. Williams-S. Williams) 1:42
7. When My Dreamboat Comes Home (Friend-Franklin) 4:44

Face B: 

1. Ode to Bechet (Wilber) 3:13
2. Quincy Street Stomp (Bechet) 4:28
3. A Sailboat in the Moonlight (Lombardo-Loeb) 3:50
4. High Society (Steele) 3:44
5. Bechet's Fantasy (Bechet) 4:17
6. Shake It and Break It (Friscoe-Clarke) 3:08

Productrice: Joanne Horton. 
Supervision musicale et arrangements: Bob Wilber. 
Ingénieur du son: Fred Miller. 
Direction artistique: Laurel Marx. 
Photographies gracieuseté de Michael Vaccaro. 
Notes de pochette: Bob Wilber. 


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