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3. Les années 30.

Duke Ellington et son orchestre. 

Casa Loma Orchestra:
Casa Loma Stomp (Hep (Angl.), 1929-1930).

Louis Armstrong, Jack Purvis: Satchmo Style (Parlophone (Angl.), 1929-1930).

Variés: A Jazz Holiday (MCA, 1928-1934).

Cab Calloway: Mr. Hi-De-Ho 1930-1931 (MCA, 1930-1931).

Don Redman and his Orchestra: Shakin' the Africann (Hep (Angl.), 1931-1932).

Mills Blue Rhythm Band: Savage Rhythm (Hep (Angl.), 1931-1932).

Fletcher Henderson: Swing's the Thing (1931-1934) Volume 2 (Decca, 1931-1934).

Chick Webb: A Legend Volume One (1929-1936) (Decca, 1929-1936).
Chick Webb: The Immortal Chick Webb: Stompin' at the Savoy (Columbia, 1933-1936).
Chick Webb: King of the Savoy Volume Two (1937-1939) (Decca, 1937-1939).

Variés: Swing Street (Epic, 1931-1947).

Sidney Bechet: The Complete Sidney Bechet Volumes 1/2 (1932-1941) (Jazz Tribune No. 10) (RCA (Fr.), 1932-1941).
Sidney Bechet: The Sidney Bechet Story (CBS (Eur.), 1923-1947).
Sidney Bechet: Jazz Classics (Blue Note (Aust.), 1939-1951).

Duke Ellington: Rockin' in Rhythm Vol. 3 (1929-1931) (Decca / MCA, 1929-1931).
Duke Ellington: The Indispensable Duke Ellington Volumes 3/4 (Jazz Tribune No. 28) (RCA (Fr.), 1930-1934).
Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra: The Ellington Era 1927-1940 Volume One (Columbia, 1927-1940).
Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra: The Ellington Era 1927-1940 Volume Two (Columbia, 1927-1940).
Duke Ellington: 1938 (The Smithsonian Collection, 1938).
Duke Ellington: 1939 (The Smithsonian Collection, 1939-1940).

Bennie Moten: The Complete Bennie Moten Volumes 5/6 (1930-1932) (Jazz Tribune No. 40) (RCA (Fr.), 1930-1932).

The Rhythmakers: 1932 (VJM (Angl.), 1932).

Henry 'Red' Allen & Coleman Hawkins: 1933 (The Smithsonian Collection/Columbia Special Products, 1933).

Joe Robichaux & his Hot New Orleans Rhythm Boys: 1933 (Folklyric, 1933).

Spike Hughes: Spike Hughes and his All American Orchestra (London, 1933).

The Spirits of Rhythm: 1933-34 (JSP (Angl.), 1933-1934).

Garland Wilson: The Way I Feel (Collectors Items (Angl.), 1932-1951).

Eddie South 1927-1933, Emilio Caceres 1937: No More Blues (RCA (Fr.), 1927-1937).
Eddie South: Recorded in Paris: 1929 & 1937 (Swing, 1929-1937).

Variés: AIE: Americans in Europe 1933/1938 (Tax (Suède), 1933-1938).

Red Norvo: Red Norvo and his All Stars (Epic, 1933-1938).

Mildred Bailey: Her Greatest Performances 1929-1946 (Columbia, 1929-1946).

Bunny Berigan, Bud Freeman, Jess Stacy, Joe Sullivan: Swing Classics (Prestige, 1933-1935).

Variés: Jazz in the Thirties (Swing, 1933-1936).

Earl 'Fatha' Hines and his Orchestra: Hines Rhythm / Harlem Lament (Epic / Portrait, 1933-1938).

Variés: Ridin' in Rhythm (World Records (Angl.)/Swing, 1933-1939).

Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here (Columbia, 1933-1949).

Teddy Wilson: The Complete Teddy Wilson Piano Solos (CBS (Fr.), 1933-1941).

Django Reinhardt: Django 1934 (Vogue (Fr.)/GNP Crescendo, 1934).
Django Reinhardt-Stephane Grappelly with the Quintet of the Hot Club of France: Parisian Swing / Swing de Paris (Ace of Clubs (Angl.)/Decca (Fr.)/GNP Crescendo, 1935-1939).
Django Reinhardt: Django: Solos/Duets/Trios, Volume 2 (Inner City, 1937-1943).

Fats Waller: The Indispensable Fats Waller Volumes 1/2 (1926-1935) (Jazz Tribune No. 25) (RCA (Fr.), 1926-1935).

Tiny Bradshaw and his Orchestra, Washboard Rhythm Kings, Original St. Louis Crackerjacks: Happy Rhythm (Swingfan (All.), 1932-1936).

Milton 'Mezz' Mezzrow, Frankie Newton: The Big Apple (RCA (Fr.), 1934-1939).

Variés: Trumpeters Holiday (Epic, 1934-1939).

Willie Bryant, Jimmie Lunceford: Willie Bryant and Jimmie Lunceford and Their Orchestras (Bluebird/RCA, 1930-1936).
Jimmie Lunceford: Rhythm Is Our Business Vol. 1 (1934-1935) (Decca, 1934-1935).
Jimmie Lunceford: Blues in the Night Vol. 4 (1938-1942) (Decca, 1938-1942).
Jimmie Lunceford: Lunceford Special (Columbia, 1933-1940).

Variés: Pioneers of the Jazz Guitar (Yazoo, 1928-1937).

Benny Goodman: The Indispensable Benny Goodman: Birth of a Big Band, Volumes 1/2 (1935-1936) (Jazz Tribune No. 35) (RCA (Fr.), 1935-1936).
Benny Goodman: The Complete Small Combinations Volumes 1/2 (1935-1937) (Jazz Tribune No. 13) (RCA (Fr.), 1935-1937).

Variés: Swingin' Britain: The Thirties (Decca (Angl.), 1935-1938).

Charlie Barnet: The Indispensable Charlie Barnet Volumes 1/2 (1935-1939) (Jazz Tribune No. 41) (RCA (Fr.), 1935-1939).

Bud Freeman: Chicagoans in New York (Dawn Club, 1935-1940).

Variés: Cuttin' the Boogie: Piano Blues and Boogie Woogie 1926-1941 (New World, 1926-1941).
Variés: The Original Boogie Woogie Piano Giants (Columbia, 1938-1941).

Billie Holiday: The Billie Holiday Story Volume I (Columbia, 1933-1939).
Billie Holiday: The Billie Holiday Story Volume II (Columbia, 1935-1941).
Billie Holiday: The Billie Holiday Story Volume III (Columbia).

Variés: The Swinging Small Bands 1 1937-1939 (MCA, 1937-1939).
Variés: The Swinging Small Bands 2 1940-1944 (MCA (Fr.), 1940-1944).
Variés: The Swinging Small Bands 3: Trumpets in Action 1935-1940 (MCA (Fr.), 1935-1940).
Variés: The Swinging Small Bands 4 (1935-1941) (MCA (Fr.), 1935-1941).

Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter: Coleman Hawkins & Benny Carter (Swing, 1935-1946).

Roy Eldridge: The Early Years (Columbia, 1935-1949).

Sharkey Bonano and his Sharks of Rhythm: 1936-1937 (The Old Masters, 1936-1937).

Louis Armstrong: Swing That Music (1936-1938) (MCA, 1936-1938).

Bill Coleman: Recorded in Paris: 1936-1938 (DRG/Swing, 1936-1938).

Teddy Wilson: The Teddy Wilson (CBS (Fr.)/Columbia (Can.)).

Duke Ellington: The Duke Ellington Small Bands: Back Room Romp (Portrait, 1936-1939).
Rex Stewart: Memorial (CBS (Angl.), 1934-1939).
Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra: Hodge Podge (Epic, 1938-1939).
Cootie Williams: Cootie and the Boys from Harlem (Tax (Suède)/Swaggie (Aust.)).
Variés: Ellington Sidekicks (Epic, 1938-1939).

Lil Armstrong: Born to Swing 1936-1937 (Harlequin (Angl.), 1936-1937).
Una Mae Carlisle, Lil Armstrong: Safely Locked Up In My Heart 1939-1939 (Harlequin (Angl., 1938-1939).

Harry James: Young Harry James 1936-1939 (CBS (Fr.), 1936-1939).

Andy Kirk and his Cloud of Joys: Walkin' & Swingin' (Affinity, 1936-1941).

Chu Berry and his Stompy Stevedores: Chu (Epic, 1936-1941).
Chu Berry: A Giant of the Tenor Sax (Commodore, 1938-1941).

Bob Crosby: The Best of Bob Crosby (MCA).

Jimmy Dorsey: The Best of Jimmy Dorsey (MCA, 1936-1943).

Tommy Dorsey: Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (RCA Victor (Angl.), 1936-1945).

Dicky Wells: In Paris, 1937 (Prestige, 1937).

Count Basie and his Orchestra: The Best of Count Basie (Decca, 1937-1939).

Edgar Hayes and his Orchestra: Swinging Jewels 1937-1939 (MCA Coral (All.), 1937-1939).

Bunny Berigan: The Indispensable Bunny Berigan 1937-1939 (Jazz Tribune No. 26) (RCA (Fr.), 1937-1939).

Django Reinhardt: Django and his American Friends Vol. 2 (His Master's Voice (Angl.), 1937-1939).

Lionel Hampton: The Complete Lionel Hampton 1937-1941 (Bluebird/RCA, 1937-1941).

John Kirby: The Biggest Little Band (The Smithsonian Collection, 1937-1941).

Variés: Swing Street Volume 1 (Tax (Suède), 1937-1938).
Variés: Swing Street Volume 2 (Tax (Suède)).
Variés: Swing Street Volume 3 (Tax (Suède), 1937-1941).

Svend Asmussen: Danish Jazz Vol. 6: Svend Asmussen 1937-44 (Storyville, 1937-1944).

Jelly Roll Morton: The Saga of Mr. Jelly Lord Vol. I: Jazz Started in New Orleans / The Library of Congress Recordings Volume 1: Boyhood Memories... (Circle / Riverside, 1938).
Jelly Roll Morton: The Saga of Mr. Jelly Lord Vol. XI: In New Orleans / The Library of Congress Recordings Volume 11: Buddy Bolden's Blues (Circle / Riverside, 1938).
Jelly Roll Morton: Rags & Blues (Riverside, 1938).
Jelly Roll Morton: Mr. Jelly Lord (Riverside, 1938).

Lester Young: Kansas City Six and Five (Commodore, 1938).

Benny Goodman: The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (Columbia, 1938).

Variés: From Spirituals to Swing: Carnegie Hall Concerts 1938/39 (Vanguard, 1938-1939).

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra: The Swingin' Mr. Shaw (RCA Victor).

Willie 'The Lion' Smith: The Original Fourteen Plus Two (Commodore, 1938-1939).

Eddie Condon & Bud Freeman: The Commodore Years (Atlantic, 1938-1939).

Variés: The Panassié Sessions (RCA Victor, 1938-1939).

Variés: Swing Street Showcase (Commodore, 1938-1939).

Bobby Hackett & his Orchestra: The Hackett Horn (Epic, 1938-1940).

Al Cooper and his Savoy Sultans: Jump Steady (Affinity (Angl.), 1938-1941).

Erskine Hawkins and his Orchestra: The Original Tuxedo Junction (Bluebird/RCA (All.), 1938-1945).

Oscar Aleman: Swing Guitar Legend (Rambler, 1938-1945).

Muggsy Spanier's Ragtime Band: The Great 16! (RCA Victor, 1939).

Lester Young with Count Basie and his Orchestra: Memorial Album (Epic, 1939-1940).

Teddy Wilson: Teddy Wilson and his Big Band 1939/40 (Tax (Suède), 1939-1940).

Charlie Christian: Solo Flight: The Genius of Charlie Christian (Columbia, 1939-1941).

Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Atlantic, 1939-1944).

Gene Krupa: Drummin' Man (Columbia, 1939-1949).

Coleman Hawkins: The Indispensable Coleman Hawkins (1939-1956): Body and Soul (Jazz Tribune No. 52) (RCA (Fr.), 1939-1956).

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