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2. Les années 20.

Louis Armstrong et son Hot Five: Johnny St. Cyr (banjo), Johnny Dodds (clarinette), 
Kid Ory (trombone), Lil Hardin Armstrong (piano). 

Louis Armstrong, King Oliver: Louis Armstrong and King Oliver (Milestone, 1923-1924).

Jelly Roll Morton: 1923/24 (Milestone, 1923-1924).

Variés: Jazz Odyssey Volume II: The Sound of Chicago (1923-1940) (Columbia, 1923-1940).

Variés: Jazz Odyssey Volume III: The Sound of Harlem (Columbia, 1920-1942).

Perry Bradford: The Perry Bradford Story: Pioneer of the Blues (Folkways).
Variés: New York to Chicago 1923-28 (Biograph, 1923-1928).

Variés: New Orleans Jazz: The 'Twenties (RBF, 1923-1929).

Variés: New Orleans Sounds in New York 1924-1926 (Herwin, 1924-1926).

Variés: The Jazzy Twenties (Folkways).

Louis Armstrong & Sidney Bechet: In New York 1923-1925 (The Smithsonian Collection/Columbia Special Products, 1923-1925).
Louis Armstrong: Young Louis "The Side Man" (1924-1927) (Decca/MCA, 1924-1927).

Fletcher Henderson: A Study in Frustration: The Fletcher Henderson Story (Columbia/CBS, 1923-1938).
Fletcher Henderson: First Impressions Volume 1 (1924-1931) (Decca/MCA).

Bix Beiderbecke: Bix Beiderbecke and the Chicago Cornets (Milestone, 1924).

Muggsy Spanier: 1924-1928 (Fountain (Angl.), 1924-1928).

Variés: The Jazz Wizards Vol. 1 (Herwin, 1923-1928).
Variés: The Jazz Wizards Vol. 2 (Herwin, 1925).

Lovie Austin: Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders / Chicago South Side (Fountain (Angl.), Jazz-Story (All.), Classic Jazz Masters (All.), 1924-1926).

The Georgia Melodians: Volume One 1924 / Volume Two 1924-1926  (Retrieval (Angl.), 1924-1926).

Louis Armstrong: V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Phonography) Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 / Vol. 3 / Vol. 4 / Vol. 5 (CBS (Fr.), 1925-1929). 

California Ramblers: 1920s Flapper Party with the Famous California Ramblers (Halcyon (Angl.), 1925-1928).

The Charleston Chasers: 1925-1928 (VJM (Angl.), 1925-1928).

Miff Mole's Molers: 1927 (Parlophone (Angl.), 1927).

Chas. Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs, etc.: Jazz from St. Louis 1924-1926 (Parlophone (Angl.), 1924-1926).
Variés: St. Louis Jazz 1925-1927 (Herwin, 1925-1927).
Variés: The Territory Bands 1926-29 (Parlophone (Angl.), 1926-1929).
Variés: Jazz Bands 1926-1930 (Vol. 16) (Historical, 1926-1930).
Walter Barnes and his Royal Creolians 1927-29, George E. Lee and his Novelty Singing Orchestra and Julia Lee 1928-29: Ruff Scufflin' (Retrieval (Angl.), 1927-1929).
Variés: Territory Bands Vol. 2 1927-1931 (Historical, 1927-1931).
Variés: Territory Bands 1929-1933 (Historical, 1929-1933).

Jelly Roll Morton: The Complete Jelly Roll Morton Vol. 1/2 (1926-1927) (Jazz Tribune No. 9) (RCA (Fr.), 1926-1927).
Jelly Roll Morton: The Complete Jelly Roll Morton Vol. 3/4 (1927-1929) (Jazz Tribune No. 11) (RCA (Fr.), 1927-1929).

Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory: Johnny Dodds and Kid Ory (Epic, 1926-1928).
Johnny Dodds: The Complete Johnny Dodds (RCA (Fr.), 1926-1929).
Johnny Dodds: South Side Chicago Jazz (MCA, 1927-1929).

Variés: Gut Bucket Blues and Stomps, Chicago 1926-1928 (Herwin, 1926-1928).

'Kid Punch' Miller: Jazz Rarities 1929-1930 (Herwin, 1929-1930).

Jimmie Noone & Earl Hines: At the Apex Club Volume 1 (1928) (Decca, 1928).

Earl Hines: A Monday Date: 1928 (Milestone, 1928).

Tiny Parham and his Musicians: Vol. 1 (1928-1929) (RCA (Fr.), 1928-1929).

Reuben 'River' Reeves: Reuben 'River' Reeves and his Tributaries/River Boys 1929 (Retrieval (Angl.), 1929).

Omer Simeon: Omer Simeon (Playing with...) (Ace of Hearts (Angl.)).

Duke Ellington: The Beginning Volume One (1926-1928) (Decca, 1926-1928).
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: Vol. 2 (1928-1929): Hot in Harlem (Decca, 1928-1929).
Duke Ellington: The Indispensable Duke Ellington Volumes 1/2 (Jazz Tribune No. 21) (RCA (Fr.), 1927-1929).

Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti: Stringing the Blues (Columbia, 1926-1933).
Eddie Lang: Jazz Guitar Virtuoso (Yazoo, 1927-1932).

Bix Beiderbecke: The Bix Beiderbecke Story Volume I: Bix and his Gang (Columbia, 1927-1928).
Bix Beiderbecke: The Bix Beiderbecke Story Volume II: Bix and Tram (Columbia, 1927-1928).

Jack Teagarden: King of the Blues Trombone (Epic, 1928-1940).
Jack Teagarden: The Indispensable Jack Teagarden (1928/1957) (Jazz Tribune No. 45) (RCA (Fr.), 1928-1957).

Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings: 1927 to 1929 New York Columbia Recordings in Chronological Order (VJM (Angl.), 1927-1929).

Variés: That Toddlin' Town: Chicago (1926-28) (Parlophone (Angl.), 1926-1928).
Variés: The Chicagoans: The Austin High Gang 1928-1930 (Decca, 1928-1930).

The Savoy Bearcats, Arthur Gibbs and his Gang: The Savoy Bands (RCA (Fr.), 1923-1926).

Charlie Johnson, Lloyd Scott, Cecil Scott: Charlie Johnson - Lloyd Scott - Cecil Scott (RCA (Fr.)).

McKinney's Cotton Pickers: The Complete McKinney's Cotton Pickers Volumes 1/2 (1928-1929) (Jazz Tribune No. 7) (RCA (Fr.), 1928-1929).

The Chocolate Dandies: 1929-33 (Parlophone (Angl.), 1929-1933).

Jabbo Smith: The Ace of Rhythm (MCA, 1929).

Bubber Miley: Bubber Miley and his Friends 1929-1931 (RCA (Fr.), 1929-1931).

Luis Russell: Luis Russell and his Louisiana Swing Orchestra (Columbia).

Henry 'Red' Allen: Henry 'Red' Allen (RCA Victor, 1929-1957).

Sam Wooding: Sam Wooding and his Chocolate Dandies (Biograph, 1925-1963).

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